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Executive Management

Pedro Godinho Pedro Godinho Domingos

Prodiaman is headed by its Chairman and President, Pedro Godinho Domingos, known throughout Luanda as Pedro Godinho. Mr. Godinho has over 35 years experience in the Oil & Gas industry and its related service sectors. Mr. Godinho and has worked in petroleum engineering capacities with Chevron Texaco and has worked at Sonangol. Mr. Godinho, who is fluent in English, is a graduate of both Portuguese Catholic University and of Agostinho Neto University and was awarded degrees in both engineering and in management and business. Mr. Godinho is a frequent lecturer on business opportunities in Angola.

liliana moura Liliana Moura

Liliana Moura is the PCA Advisor on Prodiaman Oil Services, S.A.
Graduated in Law from the Law Faculty of the Portuguese Catholic University, and Master in International Law by the Law Faculty of the University of Lisbon. She has more than 14 years of experience as a lawyer, admitted to the Portuguese Bar Association.
After having developed her activity in an international context, joined Prodiaman as Director of the Legal Department.
Currently she is working with the President, being responsible for the legal and human resources departments.

edilson-rodrigues Edilson Rodrigues

Edilson Rodrigues serves as Assistant to the President, Pedro Godinho Domingos, and is responsible for contract administration and project plan implementation for a number of Prodiaman’s joint ventures and relationships with joint venture partners, including certain of Prodiaman’s oil field and chemical services businesses. Mr. Rodriques experience includes direct production operations with specialized work with pneumatic instruments for offshore activities for Texaco in Angola (now Chevron Texaco) and work with Lusagua SA involving industrial residual, biological treatments, and chemicals .Mr. Rodrigues also owned his own food service business abroad.

Joel Godinho 01 Joel Godinho

Joel Godinho, an engineer, serves as Prodiaman’s Manager of Information Technology and Communications and in that capacity is responsible for the company’s computer and software technology and communications. Mr. Godinho also has overall responsibility for the Prodiaman’s transportation services including automobiles, trucks, buses and boats.

pedro-ricardo-a-godinho Pedro Ricardo A. Godinho

Pedro Ricardo A. Godinho (“Cadu”) serves as a senior consultant to Prodiaman’s Accounting and Finance Departments. Mr. Godinho graduated with a degree in Economic Sciences from Universidade Lusiada de Angola – Lusiada’s Angola University. Mr. Godinho has served for more than 4 years in increasing responsibilities as an accountant for Prodiaman’s diverse business interests including management responsibilities for Prodiaman’s restaurant and food service operations. Mr. Godinho is also a senior Information Technology technician.


Prodiaman has a great, dedicated Luanda Office Staff.

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